Team Stats

1.FC Red Bull Salzburg logo football prediction gameRed Bull Salzburg36258381295214-4-011-4-383
2.SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz logoSturm Graz362241068452313-2-39-2-770
3.SK Rapid Wien logo football prediction gameRapid Vienna36171186843259-5-48-6-462
4.Linzer Athletik-Sport-KlubLASK Linz36176134941810-3-57-3-857
5.FC Admira Wacker Mödling logoAdmira Wacker36156155966-710-3-55-3-1051
6.SV Bauwelt Koch Mattersburg logoSV Mattersburg361210145056-68-3-74-7-746
7.FK Austria Wien logo soccer prediction gameAustria Vienna36127175155-48-3-74-4-1043
8.Sportclub Rheindorf Altach logoSCR Altach36108183551-166-5-74-3-1138
9.RZ Pellets WAC logo football prediction gameWolfsberger AC3689193157-265-6-73-3-1233
10.Sportklub Niederösterreich St. PölteSKN St. Polten3655262877-492-3-133-2-1320
MP - Matches played; W - Wins; T - Ties; L - Losses; GF - Goals for; GA - Goals against; GD - Goal Difference; P - Total points.
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Match results