Team Stats

1.Les Astres FC DoualaLes Astres22003030-0-02-0-06
3.APEJES AcademyAPEJES21103121-0-00-1-04
4.Feutcheu FCFeutcheu21104310-0-01-1-04
5.Dragon Club de YaoundéDragon de Yaounde21102110-0-01-1-04
6.Aigle Royal MenouaAigle Royal21102111-1-00-0-04
7.Eding Sport FCEding Sport FC21101011-1-00-0-04
8.Stade RenardStade Renard21013210-0-01-0-13
9.Coton Sport FC de GarouaCotonSport21013301-0-00-0-13
10.Canon Sportive YaoundeCanon Yaounde210113-21-0-10-0-03
11.UMS de LoumUMS de Loum20201100-2-00-0-02
12.Bamboutos Football Club de MboudaBamboutos201123-10-1-00-0-11
13.New Star de DoualaNew Star201123-10-1-10-0-01
14.Lion Blessé de FotouniLion Blesse201101-10-0-00-1-11
15.Racing Club de BafoussamRacing de Bafoussam201101-10-0-00-1-11
16.Union Sportive de DoualaUnion Douala201124-20-0-00-1-11
17.Young Sports AcademyYoung Sports Academy201113-20-0-10-1-01
18.Unisport FC de BafangUnisport Bafang200202-20-0-20-0-00
MP - Matches played; W - Wins; T - Ties; L - Losses; GF - Goals for; GA - Goals against; GD - Goal Difference; P - Total points.
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Match results