Team Stats

1.Arsenal FC logo soccer prediction gameArsenal00000000-0-00-0-00
2.Manchester City FC logo soccer prediction gameManchester City00000000-0-00-0-00
3.West Ham United FC logoWest Ham00000000-0-00-0-00
4.Watford Football Club logo soccer prediction gameWatford00000000-0-00-0-00
5.Tottenham Hotspur logo soccer prediction gameTottenham00000000-0-00-0-00
6.Southampton FC logo soccer prediction gameSouthampton00000000-0-00-0-00
7.Norwich City Football Club logoNorwich00000000-0-00-0-00
8.Newcastle United FC logo soccer prediction gameNewcastle00000000-0-00-0-00
9.Manchester United FC logo soccer prediction gameManchester Utd00000000-0-00-0-00
10.Liverpool FC logo soccer prediction gameLiverpool00000000-0-00-0-00
11.Aston Villa FC logo soccer prediction gameAston Villa00000000-0-00-0-00
12.Leicester City Football Club logoLeicester00000000-0-00-0-00
13.Leeds United Football ClubLeeds00000000-0-00-0-00
14.Everton FC logo soccer prediction gameEverton00000000-0-00-0-00
15.Crystal Palace FC logo soccer prediction gameCrystal Palace00000000-0-00-0-00
16.Chelsea FC logo soccer prediction gameChelsea00000000-0-00-0-00
17.Burnley Football ClubBurnley00000000-0-00-0-00
18.Brighton and Hove Albion FCBrighton00000000-0-00-0-00
19.Brentford Football ClubBrentford00000000-0-00-0-00
20.Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.Wolverhampton00000000-0-00-0-00
MP - Matches played; W - Wins; T - Ties; L - Losses; GF - Goals for; GA - Goals against; GD - Goal Difference; P - Total points.
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