Team Stats

1.Rio Ave Futebol Clube logo football prediction gameRio Ave00000000-0-00-0-00
2.Portimonense Sporting ClubePortimonense00000000-0-00-0-00
3.FC Paços de Ferreira logo football prediction gamePacos Ferreira00000000-0-00-0-00
4.Clube Desportivo Santa ClaraSanta Clara00000000-0-00-0-00
5.Sporting Clube de Braga logo football prediction gameSC Braga00000000-0-00-0-00
6.Futebol Clube de VizelaVizela00000000-0-00-0-00
7.Vitória de Guimarães logo football prediction gameVitoria Guimaraes00000000-0-00-0-00
8.Sporting Clube de PortugalSporting Cp00000000-0-00-0-00
9.Club Sport Marítimo logo football prediction gameMaritimo00000000-0-00-0-00
10.Gil Vicente Futebol ClubeGil Vicente00000000-0-00-0-00
11.Casa Pia Atlético Clube logo football prediction gameCasa Pia00000000-0-00-0-00
12.Boavista Futebol Clube logo football prediction gameBoavista00000000-0-00-0-00
13.Sport Lisboa e Benfica logo football prediction gameBenfica00000000-0-00-0-00
14.Grupo Desportivo de ChavesChaves00000000-0-00-0-00
15.Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia logoEstoril00000000-0-00-0-00
16.Futebol Clube do Porto logo football prediction gameFC Porto00000000-0-00-0-00
17.Futebol Clube FamalicãoFamalicao00000000-0-00-0-00
18.Futebol Clube de Arouca logoArouca00000000-0-00-0-00
MP - Matches played; W - Wins; T - Ties; L - Losses; GF - Goals for; GA - Goals against; GD - Goal Difference; P - Total points.
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