Team Stats

1.Club Sport Emelec logo football prediction gameEmelec2212734220226-4-16-3-243
2.Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito logoLdu Quito2213364226166-3-27-0-442
3.Club Deportivo de la Pontificia Universidad Católi logoUniversidad Catolica221246352787-1-35-3-340
4.Club Social y Deportivo Independiente logoIndepend. Del Valle2211474530156-3-25-1-537
5.Sociedad Deportiva Aucas logo football prediction gameAucas22886272526-5-02-3-632
6.Barcelona Sporting Club logo football prediction gameBarcelona SC22877232125-4-23-3-531
7.Club Deportivo River Plate de Ecuador logoRiver Ecuador227782630-45-3-32-4-528
8.Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Loja logoLdu Loja2283112833-55-1-53-2-627
9.Club Deportivo Cuenca logo football prediction gameDeportivo Cuenca226792127-63-4-43-3-525
10.Mushuc Runa Sporting Club logo football prediction gameMushuc Runa Sc225982633-74-3-41-6-424
11.Club Especializado de Alto Rendimiento El Nacional logoEl Nacional2263131734-175-1-51-2-821
12.Sociedad Deportivo Quito logo football prediction gameDeportivo Quito2234151541-262-1-81-3-713
MP - Matches played; W - Wins; T - Ties; L - Losses; GF - Goals for; GA - Goals against; GD - Goal Difference; P - Total points.
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